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So much wet and ruined stuff in our basement.  Busted water main. Two feet of water.  Knocked our rubbermaid bins over and got our stuff wet, especially what was in cardboard.  Almost every single one of our hard cover Harry Potters- we bought two sets so we could save them for our kids- were ruined. Tons of books ruined.  Framed paintings ruined. Notes, student papers, records from my first 4 years of grad school ruined.  A woodburning my aunt did for me in 1986 ruined and warped. Christmas stuff ruined.  Ugh. Everything else wet and covered with debris. 

It was the water main on the city side that busted, and so our itemizations will go there and... nowhere, I'm thinking?

But the biggest thing that I keep reminding myself is that it's just stuff.
Just stuff. No one was hurt.  One of the first things I thought of when I heard about the flooding was the kitty that lives in the basement.  He jumped on to a pipe and is ok, thank goodness. 

So I'm off to the musty gross basement to start moving stuff from the bin to the garbage.  *sigh*


Date: 2007-06-08 09:59 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] mirkossia.livejournal.com
Having survived a flood in my place in 2005 ... I understand the suck. Glad to see that you and yours are alright though. That's a blessing at least. Hope some of the stuff is at all savible.

BTW - sorry i have not written, I knew you were buzy with school, then I got buzy with work and ...

well, you get the idea - I have a weekend to myself so i suspect I will be writting alot :)

Be Well


Date: 2007-06-08 10:04 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] lil-laurel.livejournal.com
oh yuck. Even though it's "just stuff" it isn't irrational to be upset. Many many *hugs* to you & your girl.


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